Gilbert Scott – Déjà vu disappointments

While I love the very central life of living around King’s Cross, I must say that the culinary choices just around (although growing) are limited and I mostly have to stroll to the Angel area to get something decent. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise when a friend suggested the Gilbert Scott, just next to King’s Cross/St Pancras.

Walking in up the stairs from Euston road, through the bar area into the restaurant the atmosphere of the brasserie with high ceilings and elegant interior seemed promising. The piano player sitting almost right next to us was a bit too close for my taste in terms of background music, but still pleasant, better than some music over speakers. Looking around though and now facing the fading ink on my menu, where I couldn’t read a few dishes, I felt a déjà vu… I have been here before. Clearly, it didn’t leave any positive mark on me to remember. But, as I was sitting there, I thought to myself, I might just as well enjoy the experience.

Dorset crab £10.50

2013-08-23 19.25.09

Pickled cucumber, radish, nectarine

The only plate I’d rate as decent here, it was visually appealing and matched in taste. Nothing that would cause a taste orgasm but still decent enough.

Homemade beef burger £17.00

Braised oxtail, fries and salad

2013-08-23 19.45.38 2013-08-23 19.46.51

This was a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps that’s partially because it is hard to make a burger that seems worth the £17 price tag. Either way, the meat was nice but did not seem to be really a burger. It was more of a semi-steak in a bun. It doesn’t mean that the meat was any bad, but if I had wanted a steak, I would have ordered a steak.

Choc ice £6.50

Kendal mint cake

Peanut butter

2013-08-23 20.31.31

It’s sad when the most disappointing piece comes last and even more so when I shockingly managed to make the same mistake twice. As the dessert was placed in front of me, I realized that I ordered the same one, albeit Kendal mint cake last time, peanut butter this time. On both occasions I was equally disappointed at seeing a piece of ice cream cake I would expect out of a supermarket box, just cut to size. The chocolate glazing had this sweet cheap taste of mass-produced. Though, maybe not bad for an easy dessert at home, I certainly didn’t expect this in a restaurant. My friend was similarly disappointed by her English strawberries (£7.00), which were literally strawberries just put into a bowl. It was just what the name promised I suppose, but somehow we were hoping for some sort of decoration.

The overwhelming verdict for this place was that the only thing it has going for itself is its location. So, if you find yourself in need of some standard level food near King’s Cross in a nice decor, you could possibly go here. There’s no need however to actually make your way to King’s Cross just for this ever…

Price: £££

Food: **

Service: **

Decor: ***

Square Meal

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