Burger & Lobster – the £20 choice

It always seemed to me like the answer was pretty obvious when you’re offered a lobster, lobster roll or burger for the same price of £20. Yet, surprisingly some people still go for the burger and then end up complaining that it wasn’t that amazing… 

Well, my advice then is: go for the lobster! Grilled or boiled, whichever calls out to you more, adding some garlic butter sauce to it along with the salad and chips. Borderline, go for the lobster roll if you prefer a cleaner style of eating and don’t enjoy all the work involved with eating a lobster.
Boiled lobster
I’ve actually never been to the original “Burger & Lobster” near Green Park station myself, only having recently joined the fans with the opening of the City restaurant on Bread Street which is easily accessible after work and has become my team’s favourite hang out.

Apart from the appeal of the £20 lobster, the casual atmosphere is very welcoming with a very polite and charming waitressing staff. With the food menu easy to decide on and only displayed on a blackboard, you can spend more time on the wide selection of cocktails and drinks. Dessert is a simple choice of two again, both served in unimpressive paper cups (a bit like the small size soup cups from EAT) but fear not, the taste is very satisfying!

Unlike the Mayfair shop, City takes reservations for up to 8 for both lunch and dinner. But as half the tables are saved for reservations they fill up pretty quickly, making an early (or late) walk-in another option.

The websitewon’t tell you a lot, but here are the details you can find on it:

1 Bread street, London EC4M 8SH 
Monday to Friday
from 11.30am to 10.30pm (last orders)
Closed on Weekends and Bank Holidays
We take reservations for parties up
to 8, at both lunch and dinner. Telephone: +44 20 7248 1789
E-mail: city@burgerandlobster.comTwitter: @Londonlobster

Seemingly, unwilling to be found, a search by “1 Bread street” or the postcode alone will lead you to a different place on googlemaps. So here’s the actual location.

Price: £££

Food: ****

Service: ****

Decor: **

Square Meal

We Own The Night


  • When: 17 May 2013, 20:00
  • Where: Victoria Park
  • Number of participants: 3386 (though run open to up to 7000)
  • Distance: 10km (2 loops)

Over 3000 women (and the occasional man) all wearing the same orange t-shirt running 10km on a beautiful Saturday night through Victoria park. That was the setting of my last Saturday.
I must say I was a bit concerned… As my roommate went to pick up the documents at the Nike store, no one seemed to be able to point her in the right direction, making her wander up and down in their flagship store on Oxford Circus.
Additionally, as it didn’t say anywhere on the papers whether there is a baggage drop-off, I called in, where again, no one could really tell me… Customer service however made the effort to find out for me and called me back a few hours later. Still, it’s a bit surprising such a major event, with the good Nike name on it is that disorganized.
On the actual day though, organization seemed to run smoothly, with helpers right from Mile End pointing us in the right direction. The runner’s village that was set up was quite impressive and the thousands of girls all warming up together under a very energetic MC were overwhelming. I chose to remain on the sidelines for that one…
The actual run was divided into three groups depending on targets being either a top runner leading the flock, realizing a PB or just being there to finish it.
On the upside, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing and definitely contributed to me marking my PB.
On the downside, the event was definitely overcrowded… It took me and my friends up to 10 minutes to get through the first kilometer…
But what’s with all the wristbands?? a light pink one as goody before the run, a dark pink one with a “We Own The Night” golden plate on it and… finally a color blinking band depending on targets. (Oh, I forgot the paper band to record emergency contacts.)
Anyway, I almost forgot to mention the absolute highlight of this run! As I fought my way through the first loop, I just saw the shadow of a women rushing past by me in an instant and vanishing ever so quickly on the reverse side… Turns out, that was Paula Radcliffe!! Even if an hour later, it was an absolute highlight to run on the same course as her.
Another upside to this run: most cheerers are men who came with their girlfriends or wives, so the cheering fire power is absolutely brutal!
If you’re not a super competitive female runner and can enjoy a slightly crowded run in good company, keep this date free next year!